Show and Shine – Feb 2018


Surrounded by a fantastic display of approximately 70 classic cars and a BBQ to boot, doesn’t get much better than the yearly Show and Shine. The cars poured in, earlier than the specified time and in fact, one member arrived around 3pm. Chris Higgins, who will remain nameless, wanted to make sure he was on time.

It appears the arrival for the event is not only gaining support and popularity, but as well, the members can’t wait to get there. Duly placed into position to get in as many as possible and in an orderly manner was arranged by a hardy and happy crew. In no time at all, the invariable tables, chairs and picnic baskets appeared; there was knitting, sewing and a general buzz of excitement. The latest travel news exchanged for family news and so it went on. A steady line appeared when the aroma of the bbq became too much. The new club caps were also in attendance – at $15.00 surely a steal for those who want to show that they belong to the SPC. Club shirts were also noticeable.

A fantastic day and the weather simply perfect. The members may have been eager to arrive, but they certainly weren’t in any hurry to leave. It was after 8pm that the area was cleared, and the club trailer packed up and driven away. A fabulous day, glorious weather and to a group of members who brought it all together – well done to all involved!

The winners of various sections are as follows:

Best Veteran Vintage 1880-1930 – Noel Meates Studebaker

Best Early Classic 1931-1958 – Ray Hudson in a Hudson

Best Late Classic 1959-1988 – Clive Watkins EH Holden

People’s Choice for Most Desired Car – Clive Watkins EH Holden

Words Anne Kruger