Visit to Bryan and Loel Thompson – July 2018


Observations. Loel Thomson’s Museum, Bulleen.

The leather travel luggage of the 1800’s is similar to the way we carry clothing when moving house. Take for instance the case with hangers. Such cases can be bought today to transport clothing in a way that they arrive neat and tidy except today’s isn’t in leather it’s cardboard!

The bustle – a delight in the 1800’s and the height of fashion in fabrics of taffeta, silk and the softest of laces. So elegant and beautiful. A similar sight in today’s tabloids but by far the worst that can be conjured up is – the Kardashian’s! *Just saying!*

Surprisingly, the styles of the 1930s and the 1950s are suitable to wear today. Stylish, modern, slightly floating around the legs making them somewhat sexy!

Let’s not forget the drudgery of washing days, usually a Monday. Many may remember their mum in the wash house/laundry (inside or outside the house) and be labouring with the wringer. There were some who didn’t have the modern luxury of the wringer. Hard work indeed.

Then there are the samplers. Popular in days gone by and one would have thought a lost quality, and yet their interest and continuing artistic flair remain today. Sometimes the much larger samples of a particular poem or scene can gain much from an auction.

The ‘models’ on show were a fantastic array of young life-like women. Their faces quite striking and on occasion, it was necessary to check if, in fact, they weren’t real!

A fabulous display of Loel Thomson’s Costume Museum. Memories of times past indeed gathered momentum, and it was great to remember mothers’ who lived during such times and the difficulties of everyday life.

Much was gained for the men when they were given a guided tour of Bryan Thomson’s bikes, racing cars and other paraphernalia.

Words by Anne Kruger

June 2018