Shannons Auction Melbourne 2017



Shannons new headquarters is massive. Everyman’s dream is for such a shed. The best way to enjoy this space is to attend one of their auctions.

So, it was that David Kisby, Max Caddy, Michael Hurd, Mick Daddo and his daughter, Jane became part of that event on the 8th of May. What a night it was and with almost 600 others in attendance is was bound to be a good evening. It wasn’t cold at all with heaters around the room to keep everyone happy. Mind you, being packed in like sardines also helped!

The auctioneer, Ross Johnston kept the occasion moving at a cracking pace; he took no prisoners and castigated those slow to bid. As much as Ross was entertaining, the best showman in past years was Bill Wellwood, the difference here is that Billie dressed for the occasion. He is sorely missed.

There was rapid bidding on the floor, via phones and the internet. It was interesting to watch the two big screens and listen to Ross as the numbers as in dollars climbed to an astounding finale. The intake of breath was evident as the numbers rolled higher and higher and the breathing returned as the build-up finished. Talk about cheering, clapping and relief.



Now is the time to explain something to you and that is about rapid bidding and the fun it entails. It almost makes one cry at the antics and amounts racked up…to begin, let me mention a few quick bids on cars before I start on the number plates.

The first was the 1999 Jaguar XJ8 3.2 V8 Saloon which began at $8,000.00 and quickly shot up to $19,000.00; a 1980 Mazda RX7 Series 1 Coupe at $30,000.00 and climbed to $55,000.00. A 1955 Holden FJ Panel Van, gorgeous colour and condition that began at $32,000.00 to end at $65,500.00 and a 1930 Buick 30-44 Sport Roadster kept us breathless as it went from $32,000.00 to $62,000.00 in a very short time.

A ‘barn find’, and a restorer’s dream was a 1972 Holden HQ LS Monaro Coupe which grew from $20,000.00 to $40,500.00 so fast our heads were spinning.

Of the 50 lots on offer, nine were passed in with the 1970 Ford XW Falcon GT-HO Phase 11 Sedan finally settled on…wait for it…. $195,000.00. It amazed us that the 1978 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 Coupe which began its journey at $90,000.00 failed to reach its reserve. However, it later sold for $110,000.00.

As much as I liked the 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350H ‘Hertz’ Fastback (LHD), my housekeeping just could not justify the successful bid of $189,000.00!

A 1963 Jaguar e-Type 3.8 series 1 Roadster eclipsed the lot when it began at $150,000.00 and climbed to the dizzying heights of $205,000.00.

There was brisk bidding and although not in good condition, the Veedol and ANA signs, the Shell and a General Motors enamel sign all sold.



Number Plates – Ten of the plates offered on behalf of VicRoads and re-made in the original vitreous enamel style from the templates in the late 1910s and 1920s, were displayed to show off their pattern. I wondered why these plates drew attention. Maybe it’s the inclusion of number eight which means Asian good luck. However, not all had that number attached and boy, did they go gangbusters. Let me explain:

89.886 and 3.540 for $24,000.00 each; and 1.225 for $28,000.00.

Plate 904 went for $58,000.00

This lot went for $30,000.00, $46,000.00, and $68,00.00 respectively – 66.999; 4.666; and 785.

Other plates: 597 – $70,000.00; 438 – $83,000.00.

The highest price paid for a number plate was for plate number 282 which sold for $170,000.00

My housekeeping curled up and died!

What a night. Fantastic cars on offer and too many to describe here. If there is a Shannons book available, check it out for the next auction in Melbourne. Although there may not be any cheapies on offer, to watch this event as it unfolds is pure theatre.

As an aside: the bids by David on a 1961 Morris Minor Traveller and Max for a 1999 Jaguar XJ8 3.2 V8 Saloon were unsuccessful. Both set a limit, and they stuck to it.


Shannons website has the results of the auction.

Article and photos by Anne Kruger