Royal Freemason’s Car Show-2017

              Car Show, 20 October 2017, Royal Freemasons – Mount Martha Valley, Safety Beach.

The weather was kind, a slight threat of hoods up, but not enough to jump, cool but not cold. 15 members’ cars were in attendance, a number of the ladies accompanying their chauffers, and 2 relatives of residents had cars there of interest to our club, one being a ’74 Mercedes Benz, and the other a seriously rodded version of an early 2 door sedan [coach].
Importantly, the aim of the lifestyle personnel at the aged care facility, to provide diversionary therapy, was met with eloquence, the residents really enjoyed it.
The cars were numbered, and residents voted for their car of choice. Graeme Bonniface won, convincingly we were informed, and received movie passes from our hosts as a prize.
The show was followed by an impromptu tour of the Martha Cove locale to the coffee shop, where more socialising occurred. I have a suspicion that the president is addicted to caffeine, it was his suggestion, but please keep this quiet. It was another lovely aspect of the day actually, the icing on the cake.
Thanks to everyone for supporting what I see as a positive contribution we can make to our community.
Terry Pemberton 2004 TD2000 Silverstone
Brian Leslie 1965 XP Falcon
Brian Florrimel 1991 Toyota MR2
Rob Lloyd 1969 MGB
John Becker 1981 924T Porsche
Tony Howard 1957 Ford Customline
Brian Nibloc 1957 Wolseley 6/90
Graeme Bonniface 1965 Mustang
Brian Evans 1958 MG Magnette
David Doubtfire 1960 Mark 2 Jaguar 3.4
Bob Hill 1959 Chev Bel Air
Neal Carpenter !965 MGB Mark 1
Geoff Bartlett 1946 Sunbeam Talbot Supreme 2 litre
Chris Higgins 1923 Alvis 12/50
Greg Hocking 1942 Morris 8 Roadster
Apologies to the ladies, I should have also recorded your names for the report, but your company was really appreciated. I suppose I could use the excuse that I didn’t have enough lead in my pencil.

Geoff Bartlett.