Peter Bradbury Mystery Tour – 2018

Peter Bradbury Mystery Tour 18th February 2018

On a warm and clear early morning, we headed for the Dromana Information Centre.

A dozen or so cockatoos greeted us so that by the time the other 36 or so members arrived our own noise of talking and wondering where the Peter Bradbury Mystery Tour would take us drowned out the birds’ squawking.

Instructions duly given to the passengers by John Becker and 19 cars headed out. Well, that is except Betty and Len Stampton in their gorgeous Rolls Royce which was diagnosed with a starter motor problem. They returned home via the RACV.

In John and Chrissie’s notes were spelling mistakes, easy answers and cryptic questions plus misspelled place names.

If cars went slowly it was easier to find the solutions to the sometimes-oblique questions.

At times, some of the cars travelled in the opposite direction in search of the answers. All too soon, others copied this manouvre. If a car slowed then stopped, those behind did the same. There had to be an answer to a question somewhere in the space afforded to a line of club cars. Two members, who won’t be mentioned, stayed a little while at the Pig n Whistle before continuing their journey in their 1946 Buick.

The weather remained fine and mild and all in all, an easy drive.

Our destination was to the Seawinds Gardens at Arthurs Seat. We drove under the Eagle and into the park. Although it was a bit of a challenge to park together some did manage to park close to each other. Very quickly, picnic tables, chairs and baskets of goodies appeared. There are lovely walks and expansive views over the bay.

Walking paths enticed many of the club members to wander the area along with overseas visitors one being a German who practiced flying his drone. A duck pond with lovely lilies drew attention with an indigenous garden and William Ricketts Sculptures to view along the way.

Chrissie and John tallied the answers while we lunched then announced the winners: John Hehir and his friend who received a voucher, the perpetual trophy and a smaller trophy; Brian and Leonie Evans, a voucher and Ray and Barbara Lonie, also a voucher. It was noted that John was third in the last Mystery Tour.

Chrissie and John were thanked by Mick Daddo for their dedication to detail and the fun of the journey for us all. He also thanked the members who attended a most successful day.

Words Anne Kruger