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We met at the Bunnings Mornington car park and after spending some time admiring the cars we left for a picturesque early morning run through our beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

We rolled up to Café F V in Flinders where there was plenty of parking. It was a touch brisk, so we opted to eat inside and had a fabulous breakfast.  Good food, good service and great venue with a cosy old worldly atmosphere and every body enjoying a good chat.

With the sun now warming us up, we followed Colin Pitcher in his magnificent MG TF back to Mornington, passing many wineries and views of Western Port. It does’nt get much better than this. I apologise for not taking photos, this will be rectified on our next breakfast.

For March, we are going to Roger Howes on the 28th at 385 Coolart Road Sommerville. – John Becker

The New “Love Nest”

Michael and Marian Hurd recently visited well know members Graeme and Barbara Love at their recently acquired home on the Sunshine Coast at Caloundra. They certainly both looked extremely happy and relaxed. I am certain all members who know Graeme and Barbara will want to send them all their best wishes for a happy future in their new home.


Graeme Love



Thursday June 23rd dawned with a forecast low of 6 degrees and a top of 12degrees, overcast conditions and an expected low front to arrive mid-afternoon bringing high winds and heavy rain, all of which happened at about 5pm when we were all safely home again.

The forecast meant quite a few members pulled out before start time with the result, twenty-two cars and thirty-eight “bods” arrived at the assembly point. Some single car occupants pooled in with others, leaving their cars at Bunnings and journeying with the fellowship of others.

I put together a scenic run through Narre Warren, Belgrave, Sherwood Forest to Kallista onto Olinda and a 6k run on a dirt road to George’s place at The Basin. Terrific! I thought members would enjoy the scenic drive capped off with a bit of good old Aussie dirt road.

Oh dear!! The gullies had got quite muddy since I had mapped the course with the result that a somewhat bedraggled and muddy fleet arrived at Como Gardens to be welcomed by George and Pat.

I was in fear for my life from those who came in their pride and joy! Bill Vaughan very pointedly asked me how long it might take me to clean the mud off the spokes and the under-carriage of his beautiful Austin Healey while Roger Howes had a face of thunder surveying his magnificent Studebaker which I doubt had ever been off the bitumen in its life! Others were slightly kinder although several led by Greg Cripps made some very pointed remarks about who was going to return their cars to show room condition!

Then there were the few who got lost and no—not Max!! who travelled in style with Mike Hurd and myself, but Geoff and Pearl Anderson topped the list, arriving nearly an hour after everyone else with Geoff muttering that he had visited every town in the Dandenong Ranges and even Dinner Plains!! on his way to joining us. Ah well, the joy of being a trail blazer Geoff, and for me the joy of being a convenor!

On to the real stuff! George turned on hot coffee and tea in his very large garage and gave us a bit of the background history of what Pat and he have achieved since the early 1990s in landscaping the four acres of outstanding gardens, building the museum and also their large home. Even in winter the garden area is quite stunning and one can only think of the picture they must be in late spring or in the mid- autumn with majestic trees and beautiful shrubs turning colour.

I didn’t count the number of cars George has on view but at a guess, there would be about fifteen, ranging from three pre-1905 cars comprising a 1896 Benz Velo, totally rebuilt by George prior to flying the car to London to participate in the annual London to Brighton Rally, a 1903 tiller steering Oldsmobile and a 1905 superbly finished Peugeot four seater with beautifully detailed brass work, a car that can be converted to a utility by removal of the rear seats and, in doing so, possibly lay claim to the honour of being the first utility in the world, if only on a conversion basis.

A real feature of the restoration are the front to rear single piece, beautifully moulded timber mudguards and steps in natural finish. Made by a shipwright working from the one piece of timber for both sides of the car, the end result is outstanding with each side displaying exactly the same grain front to rear, having come from the one piece of wood.

One could go on for hours but suffice to say the collection covers an outstanding range of vehicles many of which have featured in rallies and car shows around the country including the Annual RACV FLY THE FLAG tours where many of our members have seen George and Pat thundering around in his 1969 Aston Martin or his red ex Third Reich 540K model C grand touring Mercedes complete with mud guard flags. Not hard to visualize Hitler or Himmler standing in the back of one of these huge machines at their grand parades for the masses.

Sadly on the day, the only car missing was George’s French blue TYPE 35 Bugatti. A few of our members have seen this car in action at Winton with George at the wheel but many more have seen it in the special display area at the RACV Great Australian Rally, culminating at the Mornington racecourse each January. There are set times during the day when George starts the car and the fantastic sound brings crowds from all over the course. Unfortunately on our visit, the car was away having a new electric fuel pump fitted so we missed out on hearing George start her up in the museum which would really have been something! Ah well, another day!

The rest of the stable feature in the centre page photos which give an overall insight to this wonderful collection, including a stunning Vauxhaul 30-98E of racing vintage.

And the of course there was the “must do” train ride around the gardens to finish the day. Hard to say who got the most fun out of this, George or us, but a wonderful way to finish off a great day.

Our sincere thanks go to both George and Pat for their generosity in sharing their love of cars and the garden with us.


Heritage Day, Mornington Racecourse 2016 by Brian Evans

Blue skies and sunshine set the stage for a great get together for the SPC&HCC members who attended the Heritage Day at the Mornington Racecourse recently. We had around 20 cars on display from the club, but unfortunately we were scattered around a little, so our presentation didn’t show us as a sizeable group with variety of cars. However, tea, coffee, sandwiches and a chat were enjoyed in a circle of friends, in the sunshine, which always creates a warm and friendly atmosphere. Plenty of cars on display from other clubs and I would estimate the overall number of vehicles to be around 120 to 150.

REPORT:  Club Visit to Yarram  – April 2016  by Brian Evans

17 cars and 31 drivers & passengers met at the departure point on an over cast warm morning ready for a 9.00 am start. First stop, Leongatha for morning tea with Charlie & Sandra leading the way in the Buick. The first leg completed and after a short break it was then time to head to our destination, Yarram. On arrival, we met up with Peter Greening and the crew booked into their respective accommodation and headed off down the main drag for a bite to eat for lunch. The afternoon was basically free time with some members strolling around the town while others found the local historical museum interesting. Afternoon tea was put on by Peter & Lorraine at Devon North, which proved to be a bit of a challenge to some , but in the end we all found our way and had a very enjoyable chat, a look around the Greening’s new “castle” consuming fresh scones, tea and coffee thanks to Lorraine & Peter.

The evening meal was booked at the Yarram Club Hotel and then at around 7.30 pm it was off to either the movies or back to the rooms. The movies shown were “The Plank” and the original “The Italian Job” starring Michael Cain, a great night to set the program for the next couple of days.

Thursday morning was still overcast but around 25º C, so it was tops down as we headed off to Maffra via the 1880 – 1883 National Trust Swing Bridge just outside of Sale. This bridge has been maintained in working order by local enthusiasts and is actually operated a couple of times per month for visitors. After a short break it was off to the Maffra Shed where there was a great display of farm tractors, motor bikes and cars to view as well as memorabilia around all the walls and in nooks and crannies. Lunch was available from their kitchen and it was enjoyed by all who were present. After lunch it was off to Rosedale for another stroll around taking in the patch work shop, the Tarra Valley Foods and of course a coffee break. Back in the cars and back to Yarram to make a nice round trip for the day with dinner arranged at the Yarram Country Club with the “Good Times Motoring Club of Yarram” who were great company with the evening finishing off with a short thank you speech from the convener and a reply by Bob Taylor, President of the Yarram group.

Friday morning pack up and time to head off to Port Albert for morning tea where we were met by a few members from Yarram with their cars for a final chat and to say good bye until next time. On the road again, this time to Fish Creek for lunch at the Fish Creek Hotel or any other eatery of choice. By this time the rain had settled in and after lunch our intrepid explorers headed for home under their own steam and at a leisurely pace.

It was deemed a good trip by all, no mishaps, no break downs just plenty of safe driving and a few fuel stops over the distance. I travelled back to Mornington via Inverloch and noted that I had travelled 650 Klms from driveway to driveway. I must thank Peter & Lorraine Greening for all their assistance and help in planning and setting up this trip and I wonder when and who will put their hand up and where we might be going on the next trip.

Your convener, Brian Evans

Those in attendance were as follows;

Don & Bev Robertson ’47 Ford Mercury

Charlie & Sandra Cassar ’47 Buick

John & Shirley Steel Mercedes Benz

Colin Pitcher MG TF

Greg & Jennifer Cripps ’48 PS Rover

Laurie & Joyce Turner ’77 Datsun 260Z

Noal & Nola Meates ’51 Studebaker

Roger Howes ’64 Studebaker

John & Chrissy Becker Porsche 924T

Bill & Barbara Glover ’67 MGB GT

Chris Higgins ’65 Austin Healy Sprite

Alan & Marie Turner ’50 Morris Tourer

Wally & Brenda Allen ’89 Ford Capri

Trevor & Ann Merton T Model Ford

Don & Rosemary Munro ’52 Bentley

Dorothy Lynn (Visitor) ’52 Bentley

Peter & Lorraine Greening ’78 Mercedes Benz

Brian & Leonie Evans ’98 Jaguar XK8 (Mod)

Max & Lorraine Caddy ’05 MX5 (Mod)

Geoff & Pearl Anderson Ford Fairlane (Mod)

Kevin Poulton Alfa Romeo (Mod)