Frank and Patricia Little BBQ – October 2018


As we entered the Little property in Somerville before us was by a cow, meerkats, a donkey, a sheep, dog and elephant. No doubt the windmill in good stead to water such (stone) elements. Not to be fazed by such remarkable scenes we toured the property passing rose standards and neatly trimmed hedges until we found Frank at the bbq. It was a blue sky and sunny day and the drive to Somerville even more enjoyable in a sports car with the hood down. It set the scene.

The cars on display were gobsmacking in their style, age and histories. And that was before the club cars arrived and what a bevy of beauties we enjoy in the SPC.

Frank’s garages consisted of Studebakers’, yes plural and included a Utility, a Lark in progress, and an Avante. There was the shell of a Hot-rod and a very high hoist. A Corvette stood proudly by a brute of a machine, a Zimmer, much admired by the members.

A special ‘mystery machine’ van with an interesting story of neighbours coming together to make this van into something to be enjoyed by a young lad with ability problems. A worthy series of workmanship.

On the other side of the car display were Studebakers, an Alvis, MG Sedan, Holden, Austin Healey, a Porsche, a Buick and a bright pink Tall T Hot-rod.

Picnic baskets appeared and set up at the tables and chairs supplied by Patricia and Frank. What fantastic hosts and not only that, they also provided tea and coffee with delicious eats for afternoon tea. We felt spoilt but most appreciative that Frank and Patricia went to so much trouble and yet the whole time events merely glided by so calmly.

The music by Ian Castles put us at ease with his range of great music. There seemed to be one or two who felt encouraged to dance and jive; however, nerves took over, and it never came to fruition.

Bathurst was on the big television for anyone who wished to view the race so that if anyone was missing outside, we knew where they were! A great day of camaraderie, relaxation and being with club friends.

Thank you to Patricia and Frank Little for your time, efforts and energies, and to John Becker for arranging this fantastic and successful day for the club.

Words Anne Kruger