Flinders – June 2018


Is there a significant difference amongst classic, vintage cars and moderns? One would consider the ages of each model of car and then decide: traditional, historic/vintage or modern. Well, one may anticipate that there would be a disparity. However, that’s not always is as it seems but before we get to that point…… The recent SPC outing was to Flinders Bakehouse Café. It sits in the heart of the coastal town of Flinders, a popular holiday destination. This area entices visitors from far and wide to savour its quaintness and enjoyment of the many shops in the area and to peruse a fantastic variety of merchandise on offer. There are many cafes in the area, but it is the Bakehouse Café that draws the club members to enjoy its surroundings, inside and outside this 1890 building, which was established initially near a hotel in Flinders before moving to its present site in 1947. The Bakehouse Café changed ownership in late 2017. However, the same attention to detail remains steadfast. Mind you, when 50 club members arrived plus other customers the staff were pushed to the limits. They stayed upbeat and managed very well. An extensive menu brought forth gourmet pies and sandwiches being the preferences of many. Passing by and very tempting were huge bowls of chips. Other treats on offer were caramel tarts, chocolate delights and on occasion substantial sausage rolls. Coffees, hot chocolate and teas were chosen to ward off the coolness outside. And let’s not forget the staple of winter – soup! The burning wood in the bluestone fireplace drew many to warm their hands. It was a brisk day, but with blue skies and plenty of sunshine, it was a delight to be out in classic cars and to be with likeminded car enthusiasts. For the few with their car hoods down it was even more enjoyable. Having a heater made it that much better! Now, one would have thought that with such an array of incredible old cars on show for the members this bevvy of beauties would have been enough. And surely any time soon a bonnet or boot would have risen. But, no, all that excitement went to a gorgeous blue 2004 Bentley, and yes, the boot and bonnet raised drew a collection of members to enjoy a modern car. The differences could not have been starker, and yet the modern vehicle won the day. Go figure!

Words and photos by L. Anne Kruger