Flinders Golf Club Lunch – Sep 2018

It was a basic golf course in 1903 and a membership of 155, but it soon gained momentum to become one of the major golf courses in Victoria. Many tournaments later and with a growing affiliation the Flinders Golf Club has also become a favourite for diners.

The forms that circulate at meetings give John Becker an idea of who is attending so that menus can be chosen and prepared by the function’s manager. The Flinders Golf club was a case in point. When 50 club members signed that form to attend this particular venue, John knew it was going to be a success.

Many golfers graced the greens or simply practised their shots as SPC members arrived for the luncheon. Many who came early experienced the magnificent views from the vast expanse of windows that fronted the building.

Greeted by the manager and encouraged to order our meals early we waited for others to arrive so that everyone would be eating at the same time. It worked a treat. Everything ran to perfection and on time. There were no gaps between the main course and sweets followed by tea and coffee.

Discussion ensued about the Christmas dinner at Hastings and the club barbeque beforehand. Other functions in October and November talked about in great detail.

A lot happening in the club for members to attend and to enjoy.

Unfortunately, illness prevented John and Chrissy in attending a very successful club event at the Flinders Golf Club and a big thank you for choosing this venue.

Words by Anne Kruger