Briars Members Picnic – 2018


When Victoria puts on beautiful weather, she does an excellent job.

Briars on New Year’s Day brought forth the best display in any year since the club began to meet there for a picnic.

More than 40 cars and somewhere in the region of 80 people attended. Picnic rugs spread out; tables and chairs in various parts of the park; groups formed and enough food to keep everyone happy.

Inspection of cars ensued, of course, and the almost obligatory boot open or hood raised, and although performed every year, there is always something new to discuss. How do they do it is anyone’s guess!

One year at Briars, the weather was so appalling that by 2 pm the grounds were empty. In 2018 the weather, company and setting were so successful that no one wanted to leave until well after 5 pm. Such enjoyment augurs well for the other events arranged for the club.

Words Anne Kruger