Aston Martin and Rolls Royce Showroom


There’s one thing that makes the heart thump faster, and that’s viewing new cars. One of the best must be the Aston Martin. Any model but particularly the newly released DB11.

Recently, I was invited by the Aston Martin Car Club to attend the opening of the new Zagami showroom for Aston Martin and Rolls Royce.

Upon entering the showroom, on Swan Street, Richmond, we were greeted by courteous staff smartly dressed in Red Bull uniforms. They offered coffee and canapes.

On display were all models of Aston Martin including the new DB11 and one especially signed by Daniel Ricciardo. Escorted into the spotless workshop, there were several cars in various stages of engineering, two of which were on two of many hoists. Commentary on work in progress was very interesting. Immaculate workbenches complete with a computer had tools housed neatly out of sight.

Upstairs was another showroom with the new Rolls Royce cars. One noticeable feature was the fitting of suicide doors (front opening) on all two door cars.

The price of these Rolls Royce cars was in the region greater than $900,000.00.

All the sales areas were out of this world not to mention the toilets that were in the Rolls Royce area.


Aston Martin buyers could avail themselves of optional extras for their new machines such as –

Aluminium fuel filter cap $519.00

Red painted brake calipers $2,648.00

Black window surround $2,648.00

Sports Plus exterior pack $15,888.00

Assortment Interior pack $4,547.00

Auto dimming interior rear

view mirror $519.00

A great exhibition and one well worth visiting.

Words by David Kisby

Photos via website

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