Alowyn Gardens


Melbourne turned on yet another beautiful day for us, very good line up of cars, with the four red shinny ones together, they looked spectacular. Off we went to McDonalds for morning coffee. I overheard Max speaking about the free coffee for seniors, so I had a double shot cap and a muffin and was only asked to pay $3.00 for the muffin. The coffee was as good as any coffee I have had, so a win-win all around. Thank you Max, we shall be returning to Macas in the future.

We arrived at Yarra Glen hotel at 12 noon to a room set up and ready for us – there were 38 for lunch. Service was very good and meals as good as San Remo hotel or better so we were on a winner again.

We drove only a few minutes up the road to Alowyn Gardens and a very nice welcome. We were given a talk on the history of the Gardens and a few very good gardening tips. The centre had to be seen to be believed just beautiful and our timing was spot on – particularly as the arbour of wisteria was in full bloom. The parterre garden was just amazing and then there was the birch forest, the edible garden full of vegies and fruit and it went on and on. Very interesting nursery. Many of us enjoyed another coffee at their café which had seating and umbrellas in a lovely garden setting.

If you enjoy gardening but did not join us on this tour, do yourself a favour and call in there within the next two or three weeks and you will be besotted with this wonderful venue. Mick and Ruth Daddo called in to Alowyn Gardens on Saturday but couldn’t get near the place, so visit during the week. We came home via Healsville and enjoyed a wonderful outing and judging by the positive feedback that I’ve received from so many, everyone else appreciated the day as well.

John Becker